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Document Management


Reduce paper and improve access to important documents with ProjectCenter. Store, retrieve, view, markup and edit documents related to any aspect of your project. With ProjectCenter, you can store and view documents in more than 250 file formats — without requiring use of the native application in which they were created. Contracts, drawings, schedules, photographs and more can be retained within your customized folder structure where you can easily find and work with them.


  • Reduce the need for paper document storage and exchange
  • Improve document organization
  • Save time in document retrieval
  • Streamline communications among project participants


  • Store, view, edit and mark up documents online
  • View documents without the need for native software
  • Check out documents to work offline
  • Lock documents to prevent changes
  • Organize documents into folders for easy retrieval
  • Set security at folder
  • Download documents or folders as Zip files
  • Receive automatic notification of changes to documents within a folder
  • Track version changes
  • Redline and mark up documents during review


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