New Features

ProjectCenter 11.4.0

  • Custom Fields with Value Dependencies
  • Attach Documents, Workflows or Communications to a Document Approval
  • ZIP Download of Documents with Special Characters
  • Improved View of Configurable Forms

ProjectCenter 11.3.0

  • Restore Attachments Deleted From Workflows
  • Address Book
  • Updated Brava Viewer
  • History of Files Shared with External Users

ProjectCenter 11.1.0

  • Binder Share
  • Lock due dates in workflows

ProjectCenter 11.0.0


  • New Versioning
  • Document Linking
  • Versioning Scheme
  • Attachment Date in Workflows

ProjectCenter 10.1.0

  • Shared Documents Sets
  • Calendar – Recurrent Events
  • Html Text Editor in Calendar Events
  • Links to Forms/Logs Reports

ProjectCenter 10.0.0

  • New interface
  • Reset password

ProjectCenter 9.8.0

  • Update Brava viewer
  • Reply to Communication Workflow From Email Notifications
  • Html Text Editor in Communication Type Workflows

ProjectCenter 9.7.0

  • Document Master List

ProjectCenter 9.6.0

  • Partial Due Dates in Document Approvals
  • Append copied revisions of a file
  • Group assignment for Document Approvals
  • Project wide custom fields and document revisions displayed in the reports
  • Technology upgrade

ProjectCenter 9.5.0

  • Predefine CC users in Workflows and Document Approvals
  • Automated Document Approval
  • Project Wide Custom Fields
  • Copy document revision
  • Copied Documents Maintain Link to Source Document
  • Document Case Modification

ProjectCenter 9.4.0

  • New Subscription interface for users and administrators
  • Folder tree interface for copy folders
  • Forward multiple email selection as attachments to the project email address
  • Proxy users are now allowed to act upon the same approval process when they are assignees and proxy at the same time

ProjectCenter 9.3.0

  • Approve with Comments
  • Blind Copy in communications
  • Daily & Weekly Digests
  • Due date offset for workflows
  • Customized reminders

ProjectCenter 9.2.0

  • New Upload options
  • Number of days of delay when answering an assigned task
  • Bind documents from document list
  • Full list of documents from the search result page
  • Improved 3D drawing files viewing
  • Upgraded core web technology platform

ProjectCenter 9.1.0


  • Mobile viewer

ProjectCenter 9.0.0

  • A new way to charge documents through Drag & Drop
  • Private Workflows
  • Attachments in the bids comments
  • Closing date for bids

ProjectCenter 8.2.0

  • Updated Brava Viewer
  • The subscription list is shown only if the user is any kind of Administrator
  • Add Closed at column in workflow log views
  • Limit the delete option for the Configurable forms to Admin only

ProjectCenter 8.1.4

  • Add CC in Document Approvals
  • Define Auto Assignees in Document Approvals

ProjectCenter 8.1.3

  • Change the GUI for move documents between folders
  • Increase the text field size in custom fields from 30 to 50

ProjectCenter 8.1.2

  • Autonumbering in Binder
  • Add link to marketing website and to support form from login page
  •  References list in notifications

ProjectCenter 8.1.1

  • Add new ‘answered’ and ‘all answered’ states to discussion workflow
  • Include steps to order custom fields in document folder admin
  • In Workflow Report hide the status and change the header in Discussion Workflow

ProjectCenter 8.1.0

  • Add ZIP functionality in attachements files
  • ZIP download support to attachments interface
  • List of attachments to workflow notification emails

ProjectCenter 8.0.0

  • Flexible Autonumbering
  • Export Security Matrix
  • Separate search in workflows or applications
  • New Upload Interface

ProjectCenter 7.0.0

  • New collaborative feature: E-tender
  • ProjectCenter Schedule- integration with Microsoft Project
  • New Icons define the feature set available in the application
  • Customize workdays in the Schedule calendar feature

ProjectCenter 6.9.5

  • Mandatory Custom fields in Document Folders, Workflows, Schedule and Configurable Forms
  • Enhanced Email Routing: ability to prioritize and route emails by subject text
  • Edit documents from the upload status page
  • Tasks folder to be enabled/disabled at a project level

ProjectCenter 6.9.4


  • Schedule: Add weight scoring to schedule entries
  • Schedule: Add custom fields to schedule entries
  • Change email-in system
  • Add the ability to set folder routes for emailed in documents

ProjectCenter 6.9.3

  • Ability to create a new security role based on an existing security role
  • Folder admin listing redesign

ProjectCenter 6.9.2

  • Option to limit the viewing of folder history to only project admins
  • Subscription Report
  • State/provinces populated based on country selection

ProjectCenter 6.9.1

  • Document Approval

ProjectCenter 6.9.0

  • CSV download for the advanced search window
  • New Language: Turkish

ProjectCenter 6.8.8

  • Document notifications should contain description of file

ProjectCenter 6.8.6

  • Workflow Folder Subscriptions & Notifications

ProjectCenter 6.8.5

  • New Folder Permission – Folder Admin
  • Added Checkbox To Void Workflow Popup For Extra Confirmation Step

ProjectCenter 6.8.4

  • Multiple and Separate Search Term Support

ProjectCenter 6.8.3

  • Charting View for Workflow Report
  • Portuguese Manual Added


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