Enjoy the benefits of improved communication, effective collaboration and operational efficiency without the burden of hardware and system administration costs.

Here’s what makes ProjectCenter the best tool available for project collaboration:

It’s Easy To Use

Because ProjectCenter is a Software as a Service application, no hardware or software investment is required. All you need is a computer, a Web browser and an Internet connection. And since training takes less than an hour, team members will be up and running in no time.

It’s Focused on the AEC Industry 

ProjectCenter includes configurable workflows especially designed for engineers, architects, contractors and building owners. They work the way you and the industry work

It’s Secure, Reliable and Fast

Our secure hosting and state-of-the-art encryption technology ensure that your data is protected, backed up and available 24 hours a day so you have peace of mind. Broadband connection ensures that you can access information instantly.

It’s Customizable and Flexible

ProjectCenter is designed to allow companies the freedom to organize documents, folders and information without having to adhere to unforgiving templates. Organizations that use ProjectCenter have the flexibility to create and modify forms to meet specific business requirements, and to organize documents, folders and information in the ways that are most useful to their operations. Users can store, manage and administer data in ways that are most familiar to them, helping team members gain immediate efficiency.

It’s a Proven Money-Saver

ProjectCenter clients report savings of as much as 50 percent on printing, copying and shipping, as well as savings of 20 percent or more on travel. In addition, our clients consistently tell us that they see reductions in the need for administrative support, along with increases in quality and revenue.


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