North America

Terrace Heights Elementary School – USA. Chervenell Construction has trusted in ProjectCenter to manage efficiently the construction of a public school in Yakima, Washington.
High Speed ​​Rail Tampa-Orlando-Miami – USA. Prointec has been selected as the consulting engineering for the development study of high-speed rail network “Tampa-Orlando-Miami” in Florida (USA).
Transport Infrastructure development in the USA. ProjectCenter is beend used in this huge project to manage the construction and extension of different sections of roads in Michigan area.
Shriners Hospital, Hawaii – USA. Reconstruction of a hospital specializing in the care of children with problems in the bones, joints or in need of care for neuromuscular diseases.
World Trade Center Transport Connector of Calatrava – New York, United States. The project – two huge wings (50 meters) extending from a central body, all made ​​of steel and glass – had an estimated cost of 3.2 billion dollars.


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