Central & South America

Water supply and sanitation in Panama City Water supply and sanitation in Panama City. ICEACSA will deliver the  engineering work for this project located in Panama city, with a budget of approximately $ 1.5 million and a 7 month duration. The project will include a  performance study for a 100 km network within Panama city. Based on the study findings, specific corrective  procedures will be designed for 83 km of the aqueduct, 17 km of the sewage system and 39 water storage tanks.
546 km of roads in Colombia 546 km of roads in Colombia. ICEACSA leads an international consortium which undertakes an important study for a road concession structure covering all aspects from preliminary communication and marketing to  its final award, going through tender preparation, specification definitions and ongoing support.
Jalousie Enclave – St. Lucia. Construction and sale of luxury villas located in a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Located near the town Soufriere, are one of the most privileged places in the world to have a home, given its great natural wealth.
Bioethanol Plant that processes 2,100,000 million tons/year of sugarcane – Colombia. Industrial complex in Colombia for the local company that includes a Bioenergy Plant of bioethanol from sugarcane, amounting to $140 million, and also carries out the construction of a Cogeneration Power Plant of 40 MW.
Thompson Cabo San Lucas Resort – Mexico. Construction of a resort in the region of Los Cabos, Mexico. Beck Group, a company with extensive experience in the construction of resorts has been selected for the construction of this resort which is scheduled in 2014 and will feature 114 rooms and 60 condominiums.
Amazonas Project – Brazil. Isolux Corsán carries out the construction of 1,191 kilometers of high-voltage lines of 500 and 230 kV, connecting Manaus and Macapa, (capitals of the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Amapá respectively), with the Brazilian Interconnected System.
Combined cycle plant in Loma de la Lata – Argentina. The project converts the Thermo Power Plant into a Combined Cycle Plant. The extension requires an investment of approximately $ 205 million.
Airport of Tocumen – Panama. Prointec, engineering with extensive experience in airport projects, selected ProjectCenter to carry out the expansion project, environmental impact assessment and additional designs at Tocumen International Airport, Panama.
Coal Thermal Plant in Rio Turbio – Argentina. The work, performed by the company Isolux Corsan SA involves an investment of over 450 million Euros. The power generated by the new plant will supply all the Argentine National Interconnection System.
680 kilometers of highways – Brazil. The two highways in the Brazilian state of Bahia is one of the largest projects of concession and construction of road infrastructure in the country and one of the largest in the world by its length (with an investment of 710 million Euros).
Viaduct construction project of Los Remedios, Ecatepec – Mexico. This Highway (within a range of 25 kilometers and a run time of 36 months) that runs on the river Remedies, fixes the roads problems in the Valley of Mexico, benefiting more than four million drivers moving between northern Mexico City and the rest of the state.



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