Third International Airport Terminal Sharm el-Sheikh – Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh is the second busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo International Airport (in 2008, the airport served 7,758,859 passengers).
Water Supply in Mostaganem – Algeria. One of the major projects of water infrastructure of Isolux Corsán within the area of Environment, is the construction of pipes and pumps to connect to Mostaganem desalination Plant, the larger plant in Algeria.
Electric Generation Plant on a Barge (Luanda) – Angola. Power generation plant of 96 MW on a barge. This performance is part of the government ‘Generation Urgent Luanda’ plan, which aims to mitigate the problems of metropolitan energy of Luanda.
Desalination Plant, Honaine – Algeria. The new desalination Plant of Honaine, one of the largest in the world, will provide drinking water to a population of over 2.5 million people, with Skikda and Tenés desalination Plants.


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